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Cluster Instrument

APIX Multichannel SerDes Products are used in cluster instruments in cars. Beside the mechanical instruments, clusters include small displays in all car segments. Premium cars are starting to use display only based clusters without any mechanical instrument.

The APIX links are used from Head units to clusters or from the cluster to an optional Head up display for video and data transfer. Also the use of the embedded ethernet cabability is popular for on board diagnostic communication or flashing cluster control subsystems during the manufacturing process or for updates during car maintenance.



APIX Feature

HD Resolution 3 Gps - link speed
Easy HUD connection

Daisy Chaining, 2 Video Channel

On board diagnostics

Ethernet for diagnostic communication

panel control (backlight etc)

I²C or SPI for control data tranfer
from the head unit to the display

Picture in Picture support

2 Video Channel

Reliable and robust video
and data transfer

AShell - secure data




APIX2 Receiver (High end)


APIX2 Transmitter (High end)


APIX Transmitter (entry level)


APIX Receiver (entry level)