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High End Rear Seat Entertainment

Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) is widely used in premium cars. It allows the passengers on the rear seat to watch movies listen to music and in some cased to do videoconferencing.

Inovas APIX technology allows here a single cable connection to handle all - video, audio, control and data transfer between the RSE head unit and the remote display panel over a simple cable.

A legal prerequisite to transfer Blu-Ray type of Hollywood movies over a cable using APIX, requires content protection. APIX is supporting HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) in selected products of the APIX2 product family allowing car manufacturers to build in Blu-Ray players or allow mobile devices connected to the car to transfer movies to the screens of the RSE.



APIX Feature

Video Conferencing Ethernet for Video transfer from display
with built in camera to the head unit
Audio Headset plug 7.1. Audio Channel
Touch Screen

I²C or SPI for remote touch control

On board diagnostics

Ethernet for diagnostic communication

panel control (backlight etc)

I²C or SPI for control data tranfer
from the RSE head unit to the display




APIX2 Receiver


APIX2 Receiver with HDCP and touch
support (high end)


APIX2 Transmitter