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Round View Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are increasingly built into cars. State of the art systems are using Radar and Round View camera systems to observe the surroundings of the car. ADAS are informing the driver or even taking action to steer or break the car in critical situation autonomously.

APIX point-to-point links are the ideal solution to connect numerous cameras to an ECU doing the analysis of the sensor inputs. Pictures taken by the cameras need to be transferred in real-time at best picture quality with lowest latencies possible. At the same time also control information from the ECU to the camera has to be delivered fast to adjust the cameras behaviour - ideally between the transfers of each single picture frame.

The APIX2 technology is optimized to do the video transfer and control signal exchange, supported by some data integrity functions to avoid malfunctions of the system.


APIX Feature

Gluess Interface to
popular image sensors

parallel video port
I²C for control

Supports all video formats
RGB, YUV etc

no content manipulation

Remote imager clock

build in clock generator
for imager

High Speed imager control
data transfer
SPI Interface
Reliable and robust video
and data transfer
AShell - secure data



APIX2 Receiver


APIX2 Transmitter


APIX Receiver
(high end)


APIX2 Transmitter
(high end)