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Smart Gateway

Smart Gateways are increasingly being used in cars to plug mobile phones or tablet device into the car. Digital Audio/Video interfaces such as HDMI or MHL are replacing or extending USB or Analog plugs in the car. 

With APIX2 link technology the HD digital Audio/Video content can easily be distributed through out the car to any build in display in the front or rear of the car.

APIX technology bridges distances of up to 10m transferring uncompressed, best quality video and audio in real time.



APIX Feature

HDMI interface Direct HDMI-APIX2 conversion
(third party device)
HD Video support

7.1. Audio Channel
HDCP content protection

HD Video 3 Gps APIX Link
On board diagnostics

Ethernet for diagnostic communication




APIX2 Receiver


APIX2 Receiver with HDCP and touch
support (high end)


APIX2 Transmitter