ISELED Smart RGB LED Driver & Controller

The INLC10AQ is a mixed signal LED driver and controller chip. The chip provides three independent constant current sinks, each controlled via PWM. Each device is individually addressable via a bidirectional, half-duplex, 2Mbps, CRC-protected serial bus. A proprietary bus protocol is used, optimized for this particular application.

LED chains can be built up by daisy-chaining several INLC10AQ devices or other ISELED products on printed circuit boards via the serial bus. Applications with short cable segments are supported when using appropirate filtering. The INLC10AQ device can also act as a converter of single ended to differential bus signals to directly interface with typical ┬ÁC I/Os.

ISELED Product Documentation

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App Note 03 - ISELED Temperature Compensation


App Note 04 - ISELED Communication Protocol & Control Commands


App Note 06 - EMI Guideline


App Note 07 - Description of Failure Modes


EMI EMS Investigation Report

TC Factor

Temperature Compensation Factor

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