ILaS Cable Transceiver

The INLT220Q is a mixed signal transceiver for automotive Light and Sensor Networks. It establishes 2 Mbit/s, low latency daisy-chain connectivity, over several meters of simple, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables. The device also supports ISELEDĀ® applications.
An ILaSĀ® Network throughout a vehicle can consist of up 4079 individual addressable nodes. It is utilizing a packed switched communication protocol. A node can be an INLT220Q device configured as Branch Device or Client Devices such as ISELED smart LED or simple sensor subsystems connected via UTP cables.

The device offers high flexibility to build branched networks by providing 2 cable interfaces (ISP, ESP) and 1 interface for ISELED devices (CSP). Additional 3 GPIOs can control sensors like buttons and switches, as well as actuators like vibrating motors for haptic feedback.
The INLT220Q provides an integrated buck controller, which allows direct power supply from the battery.
An ADC is available for diagnostic functions, as well as an integrated temperature sensor. Additionally, the device contains an OTP memory where network addresses and user information can be stored.

ILaS Tranceiver Product Documentation

To download the  INLT220Q Datasheet, contact an Inova representative for NDA information.

To download the INLT220Q Datasheet,
contact Inova for NDA information.

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