INOVA Semiconductors speed up your data.

by Monika Zimmermann

Inova Semiconductors at Display Week 2017

ISELED and APIX technologies will be demonstrated in Los Angeles, May 23 to 25

Display Week is the premier international event for the electronic display industry organized by SID (The Society for Information Display). There will be a Symposium & Seminars from Ma 21 – 26 and an exhibition from 23 – 25 in the Los Angeles Convention Center, California.

Inova Semiconductors will showcase its ISELED smart RGB LED technology for automotive interior lighting and its latest APIX2 and APIX3 multi-channel SerDes solutions for automotive display and camera connectivity at both 551, close to the so called I-Zone (Innovation-Zone) a forum for live demonstrations of emerging information display technologies and related areas.

Inova will demonstrate for the first time in public its revolutionary ISELED smart RGB LED technology. ISELED has been announced at Electronica in November along with the ISELED open Alliance who is jointly developing and marketing the technology. Now samples of the first LEDs from DOMINANT Opto Technologies with the built in smart RGB LED controller from Inova are available and will be shown in a life demo at Display Week. Driven by the latest S32K Microcontroller from NXP – another alliance member - a string of 16 daisy chained RGB LED demonstrate the usage of the technology for next generation ambient light solutions for automotive.

Furthermore Inova Semiconductors will also demonstrate for the first time in North America its latest generation APIX3 multichannel Automotive SerDes solutions. This demo will show full HD Video transmission of several meters over CoaX cables. APIX3 is currently used by several tier1 suppliers to develop Infotainment solutions, capable to support up to 4k UHD automotive grade displays using just one simple cable, connected to the display and used for video, audio, data and even Ethernet.

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