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Keysight as a global leader in High speed testing solutions is supporting the APIX2 technology with its popular Infinium series oszilloscopes. The APIX2 compliance application tests according to the AN204 Revision 1.1 specification simplifies the challenge of testing multiple configurations. Keysight uses its expertise in compliance test and Infiniium Application Framework to support APIX2 technology accordingly.

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Alfamation is a preferred vendor of test systems around the world. It is one of a small, exclusive group of National Instruments Platinum Partners, and many of the company’s products are based on industry-standard platforms such as PXI and NI TestStand. Alfamation is supporting the APIX2 products in line with the National Instruments FlexMedia concept.

There are two basic test solutions available:

Flexmedia(TM) A-Series

Flexmedia(TM) K-Series


As a leading provider GOEPEL electronic develops and manufactures intelligent solutions for the test of mounted PCBs and electronic devices. It is supporting the APIX and APIX2 product families with standard and customized test solutions. Furthermore Göpel can provide Inova APIX2 Applications kits, since it has an exclusive license for the board solutions.

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Particular for testing vehicle-, aviation- or military- applications the TFT-display know-how from Nickl Elektronik-Entwicklung GmbH is in demand. Sophisticated solutions are developed precisely and manufactured completely in-house as the „Car Imaging” equipment for car dashboard displays.

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The TESTERLYZER® product family was developed because of ever rising networking of individual components, in order to provide mobile testing of functions of control devices ergonomically within each required network system and outside a vehicle. The board net design will be tailored to individual test stand solutions by implementing a fixed or modular wiring design.

To meet these challenges, the TESTERLYZE® product family provides solutions for integrating control devices quickly into a defined test environment and for implementing test tasks safely and in a stable fashion.

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First Sensor

First Sensor Mobiliy (former Silicon Micro Sensors) specializes in CMOS camera modules and related optoelectronics solutions. Its products are widely applied in automotive, industrial and medical applications. Inova Semiconductors is cooperating with SMS to enable customers for fast prototyping of remote camera systems using the APIX technology.