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INAP378T/R APIX2 Camera Kit Omnivision


Camera Kit Flyer

APIX2 Omnivision Camera Kit

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User Manual

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The APIX2 Camera kit demonstrates the capabilities of the INAP378TAQ and INAP378RAQ in a digital (automotive) camera application. The kit consists of the APIX2 Receiver board, extended with a special adapter board, a USB interface board from Omnivision and a digital camera module from Silicon Micro Sensors including the INAP378T and the OV10635 HDR sensor from Omnivision. The kit allows to evaluate the performance of the APIX link as well as to evaluate the OV10635 with the standard Omnivision toolset.


  • Standard APIX2_ADK_RX board with camera extender
  • Omnivision USB interface board to display the image and to control the OV10635 with OVTAPanther Tool from the PC
  • Small Silicon Micro Sensors (automotive) camera module including the INAP378T and the OV10635
  • Camera powered over the APIX data lines (Power over APIX)
  • USB Interface to APICO configuration software for easy control of all board functions
  • Full remote control and real time video transfer over the APIX link

APIX2_CEK_OVT Block Diagram

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INAP378T Camera Kit Omnivision APIX2 Camera Demo, based on SMS OV10635 fully sealed Camera with INAP378TAQ and INAP375R APIX2_CEK_OVT