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APIX2 INAP395R HDCP Receiver Development Kit


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APIX2 Development Kit

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User Manual

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The APIX2 ADK Receiver board provides a variety of data outputs for digital video, audio and control data processing to demonstrate all main functions of APIX2 INAP395R Receiver devices. All board functions can be controlled via a software GUI to an on-board microcontroller. Furthermore all functional pins of the INAP395R device and board controls are accessible via pin headers.


  • Two independent LVDS ports for digital video output (24Bit or 18 Bit width color depth)
  • One HDMI/DVI port for digital video output (24Bit width color depth)
  • HSD connector for APIX2 serial port
  • USB Interface to software GUI for easy control of all board functions
  • HDMI Audio output processing
  • Power over APIX support
  • Extender Board for Ethernet MII available (APIX2_ADK_ETH)
  • Externder Board to access all INAP375R pins available (APIX2_ADK_RX_EXT)

APIX2_ADK_RX Block Diagram

Software Download

Tool Description download
USB driver USB Virtual COM Port Driver link
APICO Software Tool to configure APIX2 devices, configuration wizard, dependency check, plausibility check, status registers, etc. link

ordering information

Tool Content and Description Order ID:
INAP395R Receiver Board INAP395R APIX2 Receiver main board, HDCP copy protection, Power Supply, 2m USB cable, Documentation, HDMI Interface APIX2_ADK_INAP395R
INAP375R/395R Extender Board APIX2 Transmitter Extender Board, Pin headers for full access to INAP375R/INAP395R APIX2_ADK_RX_EXT
INAP375T/R INAP395R Ethernet Board APIX2 Ethernet Extender Board for Transmitter and Receiver Main board, 100Mbit port switch, 2x RJ45 Ethernet connectors, 5x FFC cable, 2m Ethernet cable APIX2_ADK_ETH