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Working Group

APIX Working Group

The APIX and APIX2 technology is the intellectual property of Inova Semiconductors GmbH. Inova is sharing and providing the technology also to other semiconductor companies for use and integration into specific semiconductor devices from this companies.

Currently Socionext (before Launching - Fujitsu Semiconductors) from Japan and Analog Devices from the United States, are users of the APIX2 technology. Inova is collaborating with this semiconductor partner companies and jointly market the technology and provide an support and tool infrastructure for our customers.

There is a broad range of products available containing the APIX interface technology.

APIX IP Development

  • APIX Transmitters
  • APIX Receivers
  • Next APIX technology

APIX Transceivers

  • Analog Video Conversion
  • Analog Audio Conversion
  • HDMI Bridge solutions

Integrated GPU/CPU solutions

  • Display Controllers
  • Graphic solutions