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Next-generation viable in-car lighting


Innovative concept of calibrated, digitally addressable, smart RGB LED modules with integrated smart LED driver, connected by a 2 Mbps serial daisy-chain bus. Simplifies design and production of products with homogeneous, dynamic lighting effects

  • no binning classes, no bar coding – calibration data stored in LED
  • no look up tables in µC anymore
  • system assembly using LED from the tape with guaranteed parameters
  • includes diagnostic features
What are typical applications of ISELED?
  • Dynamic Ambient lighting
  • Roof lighting
  • Functional lighting
  • Display backlight
Where to order?
  • Allows a 1 step Mac Adam accurate calibration of a defined white point.
What is the calibration accuracy?
  • Allows a 1 step Mac Adam accurate calibration of a defined white point.
How fast can the LEDs in a chain be updated?
  • Updating every single LED in a chain with 100 LEDs is performed in 5.6ms, allowing frame rates of over 100Hz.
What is the max possible length of a LED chain?
  • Up to 4096 LED’s are addressable in a single chain
  • The serial bus supports cable segments between LEDs.
  • The length of cable segments is determined by the cable loss and in a typical automotive application by the EMI requirements. This is a system subject and is dependent on cable type, cable shielding, connectors, etc.
How long can be the distance from controller I/O to first ISELED?
  • recommended max distance is 5cm
Temperature compensation
  • Temperature compensation can be enabled/disabled with the INIT command for the red channel.

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