The key for a successfull implementation of a high speed Multichannel SerDes Link is based on an optimized end-to-end subsystem approach. In the case of APIX this consists of the APIX SerDes device, connectors and cables between the connected ECUs such as an Autonmotive head unit and a display or a remote camera and Video Processing ADAS ECU.

There are different validation and test requirments during R&D, prototyping and vehicle testing on the one side and also field testing and volume manufacturing at the tier1 supplier and OEM side.

To provide to the Automotive market a multisource supply of the APIX Technology several establshed semiconductor companies have implemented the APIX and APIX2 technology in highly integrated semiconductor devices. In collaboration with Inova Semiconductors optimized interfaces for glueless use of APIX devices with other semiconductors fitting into automotive Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systemshave been estabilished.

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