The key for a successful implementation of a high speed Multichannel SerDes Link is based on an optimized end-to-end subsystem approach. In the case of APIX, this consists of the APIX SerDes device, connectors and cables between the connected ECUs such as an automotive head unit and a display, or a remote camera and Video Processing ADAS ECU.

At one end of the process, there are different validation and test requirements during R&D, prototyping, and vehicle testing.  On the other end, there is also field testing and volume manufacturing done by the Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs.

To provide the Automotive Market with a multi-source supply of the APIX technology, several established semiconductor companies have implemented the APIX and APIX2 in highly integrated semiconductor devices. In collaboration with Inova Semiconductors, optimized interfaces for glue-less use of APIX devices have been established with other semiconductors which fit into Automotive Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

A list of our partners is shown below.  Further information about how they use APIX can be found on their websites.[




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