Digital LED Solution for Automotive

Next-Generation Viable In-Car Lighting

The next generation of in-car ambient lighting will typically comprise of 10 to 30 LEDs mounted on a flexible light strip. Each 'group' consists of one red, green and blue LED to form a 'pixel', which is then intelligently controlled by the ISELED smart RGB LED driver, effectively replacing the present cumbersome and costly work-around utilizing multiple microcontrollers and a slow LIN bus.

Until now, ISELED smart LED drivers have only been available for purchase integrated in an LED module. The INLC10AQ (previously denoted as INLC100Q16) is the first standalone driver available that enables manufacturers to custom design their own choice of external LED strips.

Several LED-related solutions for the automotive market are continuously being developed under the umbrella of the open ISELED Alliance. There are currently 28 partners in the ISELED Alliance.

The Alliance Members include:  Allegro Microsystems, AlpsAlpine, Brightek, Cemm Thome, CoAsia / Itswell, DesignLED, Display Lab Pforzheim Uni, Dominant Opto, Dräxlmaier, Dr. Schneider, Elmos, Everlight, Feno, Grammer, Grupo Antolin, Harvatek, Hella, Inova Semi, iSYS RTS, Lightworks, Lucie Labs, Magna, Melexis, Microchip, Novem, NXP, Osram Continental, Osram, Prettl Group, TE Connectivity, Techniplas, UG Systems, Valeo, Xingyu Automotive and Yanfeng.

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Ambient Lighting
Ambient Lighting
Functional Lighting
Functional Lighting
Dynamic Lighting Effects
Dynamic Lighting Effects
LCD - Local Dimming
LCD - Local Dimming

Available Documents for NDA Members with Login Only

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App Note 03 - ISELED Temperature Compensation


App Note 04 - ISELED Communication Protocol & Control Commands


App Note 06 - EMI Guideline


App Note 07 - Description of Failure Modes


EMI EMS Investigation Report

TC Factor

Temperature Compensation Factor


INLC10AQ Datasheet


INLC100D Datasheet (Only available for ISELED LED Suppliers!)


  • Integration of LEDs, LED controller and advanced communication link in one small 3 mm package
    - system cost reduction
  • Calibration of LED and driver during production process of LED module
    - no binning classes, no bar coding – calibration data stored in LED
    - no look up tables in µC anymore
    - system assembly using LED from the tape with guaranteed parameters


  • Bi-directional communication between µC and LED module with lowest latencies
    - EMI robust design based on 2 Mbps communication - no dedicated clock
    - LED temperature can be diagnosed individually by µC
    - efficient use of bandwidth due to individual addressing of each LED


  • Automotive Interior Lighting
  • Automotive Ambient Lighting
  • Roof Lighting
  • RGB LED Controller
  • Calibration-Free Use
  • Simple 2-Wire Interface
  • Embedded Temperature Compensation
  • Daisy Chaining of up to 4.096 LED
  • Complete Ecosystem - Software, Controller, LED
  • Full Diagnostic Capability for Functional Lighting
  • Designed for Automotive