ISELED ... Integrated Smart Embedded LED


  • Integrates the ISELED® LED driver with the RGB LEDs into a single Smart RGB LED component, which then allows:
    • Color calibration of the Smart RGB LED at the LED manufacturer instead of the system manufacturer
    • Internal temperature compensation within the module
    • Storage of the individual calibration & compensation values within the Smart RGB LED module
  • Integrates the bidirectional ISELED® communication protocol to allow:
    • 4K address space for individual or multicast addressing of any LED in a daisy-chaining configuration
    • Controlling the homogenous color of any RGB LED by a simple, digital 24-bit value instead of controlling 3-channel current & PWM.
    • Diagnostic read-back of individual internal parameters
  • ISELED® communication bus is optimized for RGB LEDs mounted on light strips on a PCB to meet automotive EMC requirements.
    • Short cable distances can be supported with external filters
  • Power efficient 5V supply only

ILaS … ISELED Light and Sensor Network


  • Cable connectivity solution of ISELED RGB LEDs and Sensors
    • 40V robust design that meets automotive ESD and EMC requirements
    • Single 12V power supply with integrated DCDC buck controller for power efficient 5V lighting implementation
    • Low power mode and wake-up signaling
    • Optimized for connectivity of LED-, sensor-, actuator-subsystems via unshielded cable
    • GPIOs for control of external devices.
  • Enhanced bidirectional ILaS® communication protocol:
    • Supports a physically segmented daisy-chain of ISELED® LEDs
    • High fault tolerance through network segmentation and transceiver bypath (Fail-over pass-through)
    • User space in OTP memory to store network topology information


Ambient Lighting
Ambient Lighting
Functional Lighting
Functional Lighting
Dynamic Lighting Effects
Dynamic Lighting Effects
Light & Sensor Network
Light & Sensor Network
Interior lighting door application with ISELED & ILaS Technology
Interior lighting door application with ISELED & ILaS Technology

  • Integration of LEDs, LED controller and advanced communication link in one small 3 mm package
    - system cost reduction
  • Calibration of LED and driver during production process of LED module
    - no binning classes, no bar coding – calibration data stored in LED
    - no look up tables in µC anymore
    - system assembly using LED from the tape with guaranteed parameters


  • Bi-directional communication between µC and LED module with lowest latencies
    - EMI robust design based on 2 Mbps communication - no dedicated clock
    - LED temperature can be diagnosed individually by µC
    - efficient use of bandwidth due to individual addressing of each LED


  • Automotive Interior Lighting
  • Automotive Ambient Lighting
  • Roof Lighting
  • RGB LED Controller
  • Calibration-Free Use
  • Simple 2-Wire Interface
  • Embedded Temperature Compensation
  • Daisy Chaining of up to 4.079 LED
  • LEDs are individually addressable, 16 assignable multicast addresses, 1 broadcast address
  • Complete Ecosystem - Software, Controller, LED
  • Full Diagnostic Capability for Functional Lighting
  • Designed for Automotive
VIDEO: ILaS - Light & Sensor Network Demonstration

ILaS - Light & Sensor Network Demonstration Video

Watch video here, or visit our YouTube channel.

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