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ISELED Alliance accelerates and simplifies automotive LED light design with new evaluation kit

Complete LED design package with ISELED smart RGB LEDs, MCU, communication stack and lighting effect tools for rapid deployment

Inova Semiconductors will be showcasing the evaluation kit at the embedded world exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, from February 27 to March 1, at booth 4A-424.

Munich, Germany, February 26, 2018 – The ISELED Alliance
today launches a new evaluation kit for ISELED, a digital smart RGB LED solution for automotive ambient lighting.

The evaluation kit allows developers to quickly build and prototype ISELED solutions, thereby significantly reducing development time. Custom lighting effects can be easily programmed using the supplied software suite from Lucie Labs and tested on the kit’s 16 RGB LEDs. Optical measurements can be carried out to evaluate various lighting solutions.

ISELED is a new, innovative concept for in-car LED lighting that substantially reduces system cost and complexity, simplifies control and enables the creation of dynamically changing light effects. This and various other LED-related products and solutions for the automotive market are currently being jointly developed under the open ISELED Alliance umbrella. The ISELED Alliance members are Inova Semiconductors, Dominant Opto, Lucie Labs, NXP Semiconductors, TE Connectivity, the University of Pforzheim and Valeo.

The evaluation kit is based on NXP’s S32K144EVB-Q100 controller board featuring the automotive qualified S32K1xx Arm® Cortex® based MCU with a USB cable for connection to a PC host. An adapter board including a power supply, is plugged into a bar of 16 RGB LEDs from Dominant Opto. Each LED includes an INLC100 controller die from Inova Semiconductors housed in a single three-LED package (red, green and blue).

The ISELED software driver from NXP and the LED lighting effects studio tool from Lucie Labs are pre-programmed in the S32K MCU and available free of charge under a 3-month evaluation license. 

Roland Neumann, CTO at Inova Semiconductors said, "To control LEDs individually, previous solutions required a microcontroller for each pixel comprising of three LEDs, which was inherently too expensive to be a viable solution. The ISELED concept has now resolved this issue by utilizing a compact, smart LED driver and a proprietary, high-speed communications protocol developed by Inova Semiconductors to enable highly responsive, dynamic lighting effects and most importantly, it delivers substantial cost savings.”

Yan Lee-Dajoux, CEO at Lucie Labs noted that, "In providing a complete software stack and electronics package, this demo kit highlights the power of this next-generation ISELED lighting solution. It not only presents a paradigm shift in terms of electronic innovation, it also points out the crucial importance of processes in new product development. With the Lucie Labs Software Suite, it now takes just 5 minutes to create a lighting effect utilizing high-density LED topology.”

Manuel Alves, General Manager for Automotive General Purpose Microcontrollers at NXP said, "The release of this kit is a key milestone in accelerating the adoption of the ISELED protocol. It features all the necessary hardware, software and tool components to demonstrate and evaluate the complete solution, based on NXP’s production-ready S32K Software Development Kit and ISELED driver.”

Inova Semiconductors will be showcasing the evaluation kit at the embedded world exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, from February 27 to March 1, at booth 4A-424.

The 2847262-ISELED Application Kit will be available worldwide from March 2018, and can be bought directly from Farnell element14 for €499. Inova Semiconductors and NXP will provide customers with project and technical support from the initial design idea stage all the way through to serial production.

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About the ISELED Alliance

The ISELED Alliance represents an ecosystem for the "In-car Digital LED" concept that consists of hardware and software components provided by members of the alliance. The founding members of this open alliance are Inova Semiconductors, Dominant Opto Technologies, NXP Semiconductors, TE Connectivity and Pforzheim University. Further information is available on

Inova Semiconductors announces standalone LED driver for in-car lighting

Driver provides simple and effective control of the innovative ISELED in-car lighting solution

Nuremberg, Germany, February 26, 2018 – Inova Semiconductors today announces a new standalone smart RGB LED driver and controller, the INLC100Q16. This is the latest member of Inova’s ISELED family, a truly revolutionary concept for in-car LED lighting that substantially reduces costs, simplifies control and enables dynamically changing light.

Next-generation viable in-car lighting
The next generation of in-car ambient lighting will typically comprise of 10 to 30 LEDs mounted on a flexible light strip. Each 'group' consists of one red, green and blue LED to form a 'pixel', which is then intelligently controlled by the ISELED smart RGB LED driver, effectively replacing the present cumbersome and costly work-around utilizing multiple microcontrollers and a slow LIN bus.

Until now, ISELED smart LED drivers have only been available for purchase pre-integrated in an LED module. The INLC100Q16 is the first standalone driver available that enables manufacturers to custom design their own choice of external LED strips.

Several LED-related solutions for the automotive market are continuously being developed under the umbrella of the open ISELED Alliance. The current partners of the ISELED Alliance include Inova Semiconductors, Dominant Opto, Lucie Labs, NXP, TE Connectivity, the University of Pforzheim and Valeo.

Industry-changing product features
The new standalone ISELED driver from Inova will be used to construct custom LED chains that can be controlled via a bidirectional two-wire differential bus, enabling up to 4079 daisy-chained driver devices in a single array. Each of these devices controls up to three LEDs by means of PWM-controlled outputs.

The Inova INLC100Q16 is very flexible, intuitive and easy to program, packing functions such as color/brightness control and low light dimming support. The driver can also be used as a signal converter in conjunction with ISELED LED modules to convert GPIOs from a microcontroller using single-ended signaling to the differential signaling used on the ISELED bus.

It supports calibration of a LED's brightness and the dominant wavelength, provides temperature compensation for red LEDs and features a built-in one-time programmable (OTP) memory for storing calibration and compensation data values. The smart driver also includes device authentication features.

Powerful, compact, rugged design
The new INLC100Q16 driver from Inova is conceived with design simplicity in mind and includes a built-in oscillator, thus eliminating the need for any 'extra-cost' external components. It only requires a single supply voltage and integrates a built-in LDO (low dropout regulator). This powerful package also includes a very useful temperature sensor and comprehensive diagnostic features.

The new driver from Inova is housed in a compact 16-pin WETQFN package, measuring just 3x3 mm². It has a very broad operating temperature range from -40°C to 105°C and has been qualified in accordance with the AEC-Q100 automotive test specifications.

Embedded World Exhibition
It will be on display at the Embedded World exhibition, Nuremburg, Germany from February 27 to March 1, 2018. Inova will be exhibiting its full product range, including its latest APIX communications platform at Hall 4A, Booth 424.

The INLC100Q16 is sampling now.